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Rammile Ettelaie
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Employment history

2013-                 Associate Professor in Food Chemical Physics, University of Leeds, Leeds.

2004 ? 2013      Senior Lecturer in Food Chemical Physics, University of Leeds, Leeds.

2001 ? 2004      Lecturer in Food Physical Chemistry, University of Leeds, Leeds.

1993 ? 2001      Senior Research Scientist, ICI , Colloid and Rheology Unit, Wilton Centre, Middlesborough.

1989 ? 1993      Senior Research Scientist, ICI Corporate Colloid Science Group, Runcorn, Cheshire

1987 ? 1989     Postdoctoral Research Scientist. Central Electricity Research Laboratories / Imperial College, Leatherhead, Surrey.


1987      PhD, Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, Manchester.

1983      Advance Diploma in Science (Physics), Manchester.

1982      BSc Hons (I), Physics and Electronic Engineering. Manchester

Other professional affiliations

- Visiting Professor, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Shanxi University, Taiyuan, Shanxi, China, 2016 ? present

- Member of Liquids and Complex Fluid steering committee of Institute of Physics (IOP), 2001 ? 2010 and 2018 ? present

- Committee Member and honorary treasurer of Colloid and Interface science group of Royal Society of Chemistry, 1999-2006 (as the honorary treasurer of the committee from 2000-2006)

Organised Conferences / Organising Committees

- The Rheological Aspects of Surfactant Based Systems ? CISG, Royal Society of Chemistry (Sept. 2000, Durham University), UK)  [with Prof.  R. Buscall]

- Dispersants by Design ? CISG , Royal Society of Chemistry (April 2002, Imperial College, London, UK) [with Prof. B. Vincent]

- Simulation and Modelling of Colloidal systems  - Joined CISG (RSC) and Statistical and Thermodynamics group of IOP complex Fluids (Sept. 2004, Sheffield Hallam University, UK)  (with Prof.. D. Cleaver)

- Soft matter Approach to Structured Foods Faraday Discussion ? 158: (July 2012, Wageningen University, Netherlands) [part of the organising committee]

Other Achievements

- Guest speaker at ACS symposium 1007, (2008) on Micro/Nanoencapsulation of active food ingredients

- Journal of rheology publication award for contribution to understanding the rheological behaviour of associating thickeners (1995) (see reference [54] below) Award for most cited paper in the journal “Advances in Colloid and interface science” for review paper on computer simulations of the process of competitive adsorption between protein and surfactant molecules (2004) (see reference [34] below]

Book Chapters

[1] Coupland J and Ettelaie R 2014 An Introduction to the Physical Chemistry of Foods (New York: Springer) pp 107-130

[2] Kostakis T, Ettelaie R and Murray B S 2007 Food Colloids: Self-Assembly and Material Science, ed E Dickinson and M E Leser (Cambridge: Royal Soc Chemistry) pp 357-68

[3] Ettelaie R, Dickinson E, Cao L and Pugnaloni L A 2007 Food Colloids: Self- Assembly and Material Science, ed E Dickinson and M E Leser (Cambridge: Royal Soc Chemistry) pp 245-56

[4] Pugnaloni L A, Ettelaie R and Dickinson E 2006 Water Properties of Food, Pharmaceutical, and Biological Materials, ed M DelPilarBuera, et al. (Boca Raton: Crc Press-Taylor & Francis Group) pp 401-12

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[9] Annable T, Buscall R and Ettelaie R 2000 Amphiphilic Block Copolymers, ed P Alexandridis and B Lindman (Amsterdam: Elsevier) pp 281-304

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Refereed Publications

[1] Zhang X M, Hou Y T, Ettelaie R, Guan R Q, Zhang M, Zhang Y B and Yang H Q 2019 Pickering Emulsion-Derived Liquid-Solid Hybrid Catalyst for Bridging Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysis Journal of the American Chemical Society 141 5220-30

[2] Chen L, Ettelaie R and Akhtar M 2019 Improved enzymatic accessibility of peanut protein isolate pre-treated using thermosonication Food Hydrocolloids 93 308-16

[3] Rong X, Ettelaie R, Lishchuk S V, Cheng H G, Zhao N, Xiao F K, Cheng F Q and Yang H Q 2019 Liquid marble-derived solid-liquid hybrid superparticles for CO2 capture Nat. Commun. 10 10

[4] Mu M D, Farshchi A, Holmes M, Chen J S and Ettelaie R 2019 Effect of storage temperature and relative humidity on long-term colloidal stability of reconstitutable emulsions stabilised by hydrophobically modified starch Food Hydrocolloids 95 62-75

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[9] Zhang M, Ettelaie R, Yan T, Zhang S J, Cheng F Q, Binks B P and Yang H Q 2017 Ionic Liquid Droplet Microreactor for Catalysis Reactions Not at Equilibrium Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 17387-96

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[14] Shahbazi M, Rajabzadeh G, Rafe A, Ettelaie R and Ahmadi S J 2016 The physico-mechanical and structural characteristics of blend film of poly (vinyl alcohol) with biodegradable polymers as affected by disorder-to-order conformational transition Food Hydrocolloids 60 393-404

[15] Shahbazi M, Rajabzadeh G, Ettelaie R and Rafe A 2016 Kinetic study of kappa-carrageenan degradation and its impact on mechanical and structural properties of chitosan/kappa-carrageenan film Carbohydrate Polymers 142 167-76

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