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Anwesha Sarkar
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      I focus on multi-scale understanding of the mechanisms and governing principles of how multiphasic colloidal structure (e.g. food and other biomaterials) interacts with human physiology, in particular oral cavity. We design new delivery systems, such as emulsions, heteroprotein complexes/ coacervates, complex gels, microgels, particles by applying microstructural design approaches. To understand the interactions of those delivery systems with oral mucosa at various length scales (nano-to-human scale), our experimental approaches span from use of imaging (confocal laser scanning microscopy, atomic force microscopy, electron microscopy), scattering (light, X-ray), electrophoresis, mechanical measurements (rheology and soft tribology), layer-by-layer approaches, with extension to ex vivo and human trials.


2017-Present   Associate Professor of Food Colloids, Food Colloids and processing Group, School of Food Science and Nutrition, University of Leeds, UK

2014-2017        Visiting Researcher, Soft and living Materials, Department of Materials, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland

2014-2017        Lecturer of Food Colloids

2013-2014        Senior Innovation Scientist & Project Team Leader, Global Innovation, Nestlé Global Headquarters, Switzerland

2010-2013        Scientist & Project Leader, Department of Food Science & Technology, Nestlé Research Centre, Switzerland

2007-2010        Research Assistant, Riddet Institute, Massey University, New Zealand

2006-2007        New Product and Process Technologist, Application Group, Nestlé (India) Ltd., India


2007-2010       PhD in Food Technology (Dean’s list of Exceptional Doctoral Theses). Institute of Food, Nutrition and Human Health, Massey University, New Zealand Thesis Title: Behaviour of milk protein-stabilized oil-in-water emulsions in simulated physiological fluids. PhD Supervisor: Professor Harjinder Singh

2003-2005       M.S. in Food Technology (GPA 3.0/3.0, 1st class 1st). Department of Protein Chemistry Technology, CFTRI, India

2003-2005       B.Tech in Dairy Technology (GPA 8.7/10.0, 1st class 1st). West Bengal University of Animal and Fishery Sciences, India


h-index: 19, 66 papers in peer-reviewed journals and book chapters with a total of 1639 citations in Google scholar. [Legend: Corresponding author = (*), graduate students/ postdocs = (#), IF = impact factor].

1.   Sarkar, A. (*), Andablo-Reyes, E. (#), Bryant, M., Dowson, D., Neville, A. (2019)  Lubrication of soft oral surfaces. Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science, 39 , 61-75 (IF: 5.8)

2.   Sarkar, A. (*), Zhang, S. (#); Holmes, M.; Ettelaie, R. (2019) Colloidal aspects of digestion of Pickering emulsions: Experiments and theoretical models of lipid digestion kinetics. Advances in Colloid and Interface Science, 263, 195-211. (IF 7.3)

3.   Torres, O. (#), Andablo-Reyes E. (#), Murray, B. S., Sarkar, A. (*) (2018)  Emulsion microgel particles as high-performance bio-lubricants. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 10, 26893-26905. (IF 8.0)

4.   Sarkar, A. (*), Ademuyiwa, V. (#), Stubley, S. (#), Esa, N. H. (#), Goycoolea, F. M., Qin, X., Gonzalez, F., Olvera, C. (2018) Pickering emulsions co-stabilized by composite protein/ polysaccharide particle- particle interfaces: Impact on in vitro gastric stability. Food Hydrocolloids, 84, 282-291. (IF 5.8)

5.   Zembyla, M. (#), Murray, B. S., Sarkar A. (*) (2018)  Water-in-oil Pickering emulsions stabilized by water-insoluble polyphenol crystals. Langmuir, 34, 10001-10011. (IF 3.8)

6.   Sarkar, A. (*), Kanti, F. (#), Gulotta, A., Murray, B. S., Zhang, S. (2017) Aqueous lubrication, Structure and rheological properties of whey protein microgel particles Langmuir 158, 137-156. (IF 3.8)

7.   Sarkar, A. (*), Zhang, S. (#), Murray, B., Russell, J. A. (#), Boxall, S. (2017) Modulating in vitro gastric digestion of emulsions using composite whey protein-cellulose nanocrystal interfaces Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 158, 137-156. (IF 4.0)

8.   Adal,  E.  (#),  Sadeghpour,  A.,  Connell,  S.,  Rappolt,  M.,  Ibanoglu,  E.,  Sarkar,  A.  (*)  (2017). Heteroprotein complex formation of bovine lactoferrin and pea protein isolate: A multiscale structural analysis. Biomacromolecules 18, 625-635. (IF 5.7)

9.   Torres, O. (#), Tena, N. M. (#), Murray, B., Sarkar, A. (*) (2017).  Novel starch based emulsion gels and emulsion microgel particles: Design, structure and rheology. Carbohydrate Polymers 178, 86-94. (IF 5.2)

10. Laguna, L. (#), Farrell, G. (#), Bryant, M., Morina, A., Sarkar, A. (*) (2017).  Relating rheology and tribology of commercial dairy colloids to sensory perception. Food and Function (IF 3.3)

11. Sarkar, A. (*), Murray, B., Holmes, M., Ettelaie, R., Abdalla, A. (#), Yang, X. (#) (2016). In vitro digestion of Pickering emulsions stabilized by soft whey protein microgel particles: influence of thermal treatment. Soft Matter, 12, 3558-3569. (IF 3.7)

12. Laguna, L. (#), Sarkar A. (*) (2016). Influence of mixed gel structuring with different degrees of matrix inhomogeneity on oral residence time. Food Hydrocolloids, 61, 286-299. (IF 5.8)

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