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Markus Stieger
( 发布日期:2020/11/20 阅读:次)

Research expertise

Food oral processing, sensory science, food structure, texture perception

Education and academic qualifications

1999 - 2004  PhD Physical Chemistry (magna cum laude). University of Kiel, Institute of Physical Chemistry, Germany “Thermoresponsive colloidal microgels and polymeric solutions at rest and under shear“ with Prof. W. Richtering. Awarded Family Schindler prize for an outstanding PhD thesis

1993 - 1999  Diploma Chemistry (GPA 1.0) University of Freiburg, Germany Major in polymer chemistry

Professional experience

2016 ? present  Associate Professor (UHD1) Wageningen University, Division of Human Nutrition and Health, Chair Group “Sensory Science and Eating Behaviour”

2013 ? 2016  Associate Professor (UHD2) Wageningen University, Division of Human Nutrition, Chair Group “Sensory Science and Eating Behaviour”

2009 ? 2013  Assistant Professor (UD1) Wageningen University, Division of Human Nutrition, Chair Group “Sensory Science and Eating Behaviour”

2007 - present  Project Leader Top Institute Food and Nutrition, Wageningen, The Netherlands

2004 ? 2009  Scientist and work group leader NIZO food research, Ede, The Netherlands

2004 - 2004  Post-doctoral researcher, RWTH Aachen University, Institute of Physical Chemistry, Germany, “3D cross-correlated light scattering of turbid hard spheres”

Published papers in international refereed journals


1. Doyennette, M.; Aguayo-Mendoza, M.G.; Williamson, A.M.; Martins, S.I.F.S.; Stieger, M. (2019) Capturing the impact of oral processing behaviour on consumption time and dynamic sensory perception of ice creams differing in hardness. Food Quality and Preference (accepted)

2. Santagiuliana, M.; Scholten, E.; Piqueras-Fiszman, B.; Stieger, M. (2019) Don't judge new foods by their appearance! How visual and oral sensory cues affect sensory perception and liking of novel, heterogeneous foods. Food Quality and Preference. 77. ?p. 64-77.

3. Fuhrmann, P.L.R.; Sala, G.; Stieger, M.; Scholten, E. (2019) Clustering of oil droplets in o/w emulsions: Controlling cluster size and interaction strength. Food Research International (accepted)

4. Ketel, E.C.; Aguayo-Mendoza, M.G.; de Wijk, R.A.; de Graaf, C.; Piqueras-Fiszman, B.; Stieger, M. (2019) Age, gender, ethnicity and eating capability influence  oral processing behaviour of liquid, semi-solid and solid foods differently. Food Research International. 119.? p. 143-151.

5. Santagiuliana, M.; van den Hoek, I.A.F.; Stieger, M.; Scholten, E.; Piqueras-Fiszman, B. (2019) As good as expected? How consumer expectations and addition of vegetable pieces to soups influence sensory perception and liking. Food & Function. 10. ? p. 665-880.

6. Acierno, V.; Liu, N.; Alewijn, M.; Stieger, M.; van Ruth, S.M. (2019) Which cocoa bean traits persist when eating chocolate? Real-time nosespace analysis by PTR-QiToF-MS. Talanta. 195. ? p. 676-682.

7. van Eck, A.; Fogliano, V.; Scholten, E.; Stieger, M. (2019) Adding condiments to foods: How does static and dynamic sensory perception change when bread and carrots are consumed with mayonnaise? Food Quality and Preference 73. ? p.154-170.

8. van Stokkom, V.L.; de Graaf, C.; S. Wang; van Kooten, O.; Stieger, M. (2019) Combinations of vegetables can be more accepted than individual vegetables. Food Quality and Preference. 72. ? p. 147-158.

9. Mastorakou, D.; Ruark, A.; Weenen, H.; Stahl, B.; Stieger, M. (2019) Sensory characteristics of human milk: Association between mothers' diet and milk for bitter taste. Journal of Dairy Science 102(2). ? p. 1116-1130.

10. van Eck, A.; Hardeman, N.; Karatza, N.; Scholten, E.; Fogliano, V.; Stieger, M. (2019) Toppings assist saliva in bolus formation: Oral processing behavior and dynamic sensory perception of bread and crackers with and without toppings. Food Quality and Preference. 71. ? p. 497-509.

11. van Bommel, R.; Stieger, M.; Schlich, P.; Jager, G. (2019) Dutch consumers do not hesit ate:  Capt uring  im plicit  ‘no  dom inance’  dur at ions  using  Hold -down Temporal Dominance methodologies for sensations (TDS) and emotions (TDE). Food Quality and Preference 71. ? p. 332-342.

12. Aguayo-Mendoza, M.G.; Ketel, E.C.; van der Linden, E.; Forde, C.G.; Piqueras-Fiszman, B.; Stieger, M. (2019) Oral processing behavior of drinkable, spoonable and chewable foods is primarily determined by rheological and mechanical food properties. Food Quality and Preference 71. ? p. 87-95.

13. Mosca, A.C.; Stieger, M.; Neyraud, E.; Brignot, H.; van de Wiel, A.; Chen, J. (2019) How are  macronutrient  intake,  ethnicity,  age  and  gender  related  to  the  composition  of unstimulated saliva? A case study. Journal of Texture Studies 50. ? p. 53-61.


1. May Wee, M. S.; Goh, A.T.; Stieger, M.; Forde, C.G. (2018) Correlation of Mechanical Properties from Textural Profile Analysis (TPA) with Eating Behaviours and Macronutrient Composition for a Wide Range of Solid Foods. Food & Function 9. ? p. 5301-5312.

2. van Stokkom, V.L.; Poelman, A.A.M.; de Graaf, C.; van Kooten, O.; Stieger, M. (2018) Sweetness but not sourness enhancement increases acceptance of cucumber and green capsicum purees in children. Appetite 131. - p. 100-107.

3. van Stokkom, V.L.; de Graaf, C.; van Kooten, O.; Stieger, M. (2018) Effect of taste enhancement on consumer acceptance of pureed cucumber and green capsicum. Journal of Food Science 83. ? p. 2578-2585.

4. Santagiuliana, M.; Christaki, M.; Piqueras-Fiszman, B.; Scholten, E.; Stieger, M. (2018) Effect of mechanical contrast on sensory perception of heterogeneous foods: a mechanistic approach. Food Hydrocolloids 83. ? p. 202-212.

5. Santagiuliana, M.; Piqueras-Fiszman, B.; van der Linden, E.; Stieger, M.; Scholten, E. (2018)  Mechanical  properties  affect  sensory  detectability  of  texture  contrast  in heterogeneous food gels. Food Hydrocolloids 80. ? p. 254-263.

6. Oppermann, A.K.L.; Noppers, J.M.E.; Stieger, M.; Scholten, E. (2018) Effect of outer water phase composition on oil droplet size and yield of (w1/o/w2) double emulsions. Food Research International 107. ? p. 148-157.

7. van Stokkom, V.L.; Blok, A.E.; van Kooten, O.; de Graaf, C.; Stieger, M. (2018) The role of smell, taste, flavour and texture cues in the identification of vegetables. Appetite. 121. ? p.69-76.


1. Tan, H.S.G.; Tibboel, C.J.; Stieger, M. (2017) Why do unusual novel foods like insects lack sensory appeal?: Investigating the underlying sensory perceptions. Food Quality and Preference 60. ? p. 48-58.

2. Salles, C.; Kerjean, J.R.; Veiseth-Kent, E.; Stieger, M.; Wilde, P.; Cotillon, C. (2017) The TeRiFiQ project : Combining technologies to achieve significant binary reductions in sodium, fat and sugar content in everyday foods whilst optimising their nutritional quality. Nutrition Bulletin 42 (4). - p. 361-368.

3. Lasschuijt, M.P.; Mars, M.; Stieger, M.; Miquel-Kergoat, S.; de Graaf, C.; Smeets, P.A.M. (2017)  Comparison  of  oro-sensory  exposure  duration  and  intensity  manipulations  on satiation. Physiology & Behaviour 176. ? p. 76-83.

4. Tan, H.S.G.; Verbaan, Y.T.; Stieger, M. (2017) How will better products improve the sensory-liking and willingness to buy insect-based foods? Food Research International. 92. ? p. 95-105.

5. Oppermann, A.K.L.; Verkaaik, L.; Stieger, M.; Scholten, E. (2017) Influence of double (w1/o/w2) emulsion composition on lubrication properties. Food & Function 8. ? p. 522-532.

6.  Foegeding,  E.A.;  Stieger,  M.;  van  de  Velde,  F.  (2017)  Moving  from  molecules, to structure, to texture perception. Food Hydrocolloids 68. ? p. 31-42.

7. Oppermann, A.K.L.; de Graaf, C.; Scholten, E.; Stieger, M.; Piqueras-Fiszman, B. (2017) Comparison of Rate-All-That-Apply (RATA) and Descriptive sensory Analysis (DA) of model double emulsions with subtle perceptual differences. Food Quality and Preference 56. ? p.55 - 68.

8. Devezeaux de Lavergne, M.; van de Velde, F.; Stieger, M. (2017). Bolus matters: The influence of food oral breakdown on dynamic texture perception. Food & Function 8. ? p.464-480.

9. Tournier, C.; Devezeaux de Lavergne, M. ; van de Velde, F.; Stieger, M. ; Salles, C.; Bertrand, D. (2017). Investigation of oral gels breakdown using image analysis. Food Hydrocolloids 63. - p. 67-76.

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