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National Experiment Teaching Demonstration Center Founded in Our College

According to the requirement of General Office of the Ministry of Education on The notice about approval of 80 national experimental teaching demonstration centers, such as Electronic Information and Electrotechnics Experiment Teaching Center of Beijing University of Technology, recommended by the Office of Education of Zhejiang province and checked in form by experts organized by the Ministry of Education and evaluated by network and meeting, "the experimental teaching center of food engineering and quality safety" which our college applied for was approved as national experimental teaching demonstration center in 2014.

  National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center aims to promote the all-round development of college students and adapt to the social demands , focuses on cultivating college students' innovative spirit and practical ability and strengthens practical teaching to promote reform of experimental teaching of college and the construction and development of the experimental teaching center and implement the integral elevation of cultivation level of higher education talents.

"The Experimental Teaching Center of Food Engineering and Quality Safety" in our college has been accumulating experience of practical teaching for more than 50 years, which integrates three experimental teaching platforms, including Food Engineering Experimental Teaching Center, Professional Laboratory of Food Quality and Safety and Engineering Teaching and Training Center. On the basis of permission of construction of Food Engineering Experimental Teaching Center Demonstration Center of Zhejiang province in 2010, "the Experimental Teaching Center of Food Engineering and Quality Safety" , which is considered as a provincial key construction project ,was approved in 2014.The center, adhering to the teaching ideas like "Perfect Technology, Excellent Management, Successive Business, Desired Innovation", has many national and provincial and school-level outstanding achievements in the specialty construction and teaching reform and innovation and cultivation mode of talents. The center will take full advantage of the opportunity of success of declaration of national experimental teaching demonstration center to strengthen connotation construction, achievements-sharing and exemplary demonstration, to realize the dynamic integration of teaching and scientific research, to explore the collaborative mechanisms of fostering talents and to form a high-level innovative talents cultivation base.

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