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Requirements and Application


The Food Science and Engineering PhD training at Zhejiang Gongshang University will fully implement Chinese government’s education policy, under the guiding ideology of “education oriented to the modernization, to the world and to the future”. Comprehensive training programs are designed and delivered to train students to acquire solid fundamental knowledge and proficient professional skills. After completion of this training program, students will have the capacity and competence to conduct high level teaching and researches in food science disciplines and to engage independent R&D researches and management roles in food industry.


Training requirements

The Food Science and Engineering PhD training at Zhejiang Gongshang University emphasizes student training in both theories and practical skills. Each PhD project will follow the latest research progresses in the world and conduct leading fundamental researches or applied science researches. Students are required to have a comprehensive understanding and solid knowledge of food science and engineering and to have good knowledge and skills of relevant experimental techniques and methodologies. Students will have insight knowledge about the current and future developments of the discipline. Students will also the capability of critical thinking and be capable of conducting independent experimental design and operations. In addition, students are also required to have a proficient English language skill for writing up research papers for publications and presenting research findings at conferences.  


Degree courses

1.“General degree Courses Introduction to China” (compulsory course)…(3 credits)

“Chinese Language” (optional courses)…(3 credits)

2.Courses of subject disciplines

Various courses of subject disciplines will be given by PhD supervisors, covering key subject disciplines. Each PhD candidate must obtain no less than 6 credits from selected courses of his/her subject discipline. At least one of such courses (3 credits) must be from his/her own supervisor. The candidate should consult with his/her supervisor(s) about the choices of other relevant courses.



A full-time PhD program will normally run for 3-4 years.



All courses will be delivered in English. Students are also encouraged to use Chinese mandarin for daily communications. Thesis should also be written in English with abstract in Chinese.


Degree award

After obtaining a minimum amount of course credits and a successful completion of thesis and also passing the thesis viva, candidate will be awarded with a doctoral degree of engineering by Zhejiang Gongshang University.


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