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Ms and PhD Research Field

Research fields in College of Food Science and Biotechnology: Food Science and Engineering, Food Quality and Safety, Bio-engineering, Applied Chemistry

The Field of Food Science and Technology offers MS and PhD degrees in School of Food Science and Biotechnology with the following concentrations. Click on the concentrations below to learn more.

Food Science and Engineering

Advanced studies in Food Science and Engineering provide a broader food science and engineering principles to food processing. Students in Food Science and Engineering are expected to take courses in food chemistry, food engineering and processing, food microbiology, nutrition, food packaging and food marketing as well as in the supporting disciplines and commodity areas in their special interests. Food Science and Engineering student gain a thorough understanding of thermodynamics, reaction kinetics, and transport phenomena applied to food processes.

The many active research programs in Food Science and Engineering provide excellent opportunities and facilities for research in engineering aspects of food processing, packaging, and storage; measurement of the physical properties of foods; unit operations; food rheology and texture; process engineering; dehydration; concentration; evaluation of changes in nutrient content of foods during processing and storage; protein and enzyme technology; food fabrication; product and process development; packaging; development of new ingredients; functional properties of food components; meat (animal, avian) handling and processing; and specific research on various food commodities.

Faculty representing the Food Science and Engineering:

> Zhiyuan Dai

Qing Gu

Yuecheng Meng

Xiangyang Wang

Xiaolin Zheng

Food Quality and Safety

Food Quality and Safety is dedicated to the education of students in the field of Food Quality and Safety and the study and application of science and technology to further basic knowledge, add value, foster economic development and provide a safe, healthful and high quality food supply.  

Food Quality and Safety is concerned with analytical, biochemical, chemical, physical, nutritional, and toxicological aspects of foods and food ingredients. The long-term goals of research in food chemistry are to understand relationships between the structure and functional properties of food molecules and to improve the nutritional, safety and organoleptic aspects of food.

Students of Food Quality and Safety must have a strong background in the basic sciences and should specialize in one or more of the following minor areas: organic chemistry, biochemistry, nutritional biochemistry, physical chemistry, toxicology, analytical chemistry, and food safety.

Opportunities for research projects in Food Quality and Safety include structure/function relationships in food molecules (rheology, emulsions, foams, gels); monitoring and controlling of harmful and poisonous substance in food system based on instrument analysis; effects of processing, fortification, and packaging on nutritional quality of foods; food toxicology; and sensory science of beverage.

Faculty representing the Food Quality and Safety:

Jianshe Chen

Shaping Deng

Jianzhong Han

Pingfan Rao

Hong Zhang

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